Hi Gorgeous, 

We noticed you noticing us and just wanted to say we noticed you too. 

Thanks so much for diving a little deeper beyond our cute exterior and wanting to learn a little more. 

The Instant Mani Company, or Instant Mani Co to our friends was conjured up during Covid-19, after PM Scott Morrison stopped us from visiting nail salons. 

Closed Due to Covid-19
After more than a decade of regular appointments, hours and hours and hours in the chair, coupled with thousands and thousands of dollars, our nails felt naked. They were also damaged and in need of some serious TLC! And when friends shared their #nailfies we knew we weren't alone.Transparent Background NailsBut as the days went by, something strange happened, we got used to our nail-free lifestyle. In fact, on occasion we preferred it. Typing and texting, we’re looking at you! Our nails grew stronger and healthier, but there were times we longed for fancy fingers.
Thumbs with Adhesive Glue
Girlfriends had tried at home SNS kits, without much success.  Plus, they were permanent!
We wanted easy nails. Nails that looked like they'd been done in the salon, without having to go to the salon.
Nails we could press-on, instantly.
Nails strong enough to wear for the night, the weekend, or longer.
Basically, we wanted the best of both worlds, our cake (or as per lockdown life, banana bread) and to eat it too. Oh, and we wanted to share them with you. 
Now we can and we're so bloody excited!
Instant Mani Co. Press On Nails Model