Break up with your nail salon!

Raise a perfectly manicured hand if it feels like life revolves around your beauty routine? We juggle appointments, give up our weekend, and try every treatment available. We tan our bodies, tweeze our brows, and tint our hair. And it makes us feel a million dollars — everywhere except our bank account — if only for a moment.

Then there are the nail appointments. 

What was once a fortnightly non-negotiable in our self-care calendar, has become an inconvenient life admin chore. We sit in the chair for too long; soaking, filing, shaping, polishing. We leave with colour remorse, weakened nails and a hit to our bank account. Like a set of chrome nails after three days, the shine has well and truly worn off. 

Instant Mani was created in 2020 to add the sparkle back to our favourite beauty ritual. Inspired by the ‘90s, but made with the technology of today, it’s the next generation of press-on nails that’s here for a good time — and a long time, if you want. The choice is yours. Instant Mani was created for those wanting the salon effect of a fresh set, without the price tag, small talk and nail damage. 

Because, fact: there’s an ugly side to salon nails (and we don’t just mean that nail art you immediately regret). Research is now telling us that dip powder causes extreme bacterial infections, UV lights are mutating human cells, and shellac and SNS is ruining our natural nail beds. But you probably already knew that.

From nail trends to nail health, it’s all pointing to one conclusion: there’s never been a better time to switch to an Instant Mani.

Hey, I’m Steph. 

Founder of Instant Mani Co. and former TV producer, never seen without a fresh set of nails. 

“From nail polish as a child to acrylics as a teen, before Instant Mani Co., I’d tried them all. Committed to the cause, I practically lived in the nail salon, investing hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars, to have cute nails. 

But like most, come the 2020 Covid lockdown, I was forced to soak off my beloved SNS — and it wasn’t pretty. My nails were short, weak, brittle, and it hurt to even use my hands. 

When I couldn’t find an answer to the problem, I created my own, using the down payment for my first home (like I said: committed to the cause). Instant Mani Co., was born, giving us on-trend, reusable and affordable press-on nails that looked just like the ones from the salon. 

Whether you get bored easily, need to watch your budget, or want healthier nails, it’s time to break up with your nail salon.”

Instant Mani Co. Press On Nails Model