Repair Kit | Cuticle Oil + Crystal Nano Nail file

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What we love:  Do you suffer from brittle nails? Cracked or cut cuticles? Well, get ready to transform your nail care routine with our Crystal Nano File Set and specially formulated Cuticle Oil. 

Crafted with precision and innovation, this trio will buff, shape, clean and polish your natural nails to perfection. 

Unlike traditional tools, crystal nano technology helps you shape and smooth your nails, locking in long lasting shine and leaving you with longer, stronger and healthier natural nails. 

You'll also receive our specially formulated Cuticle Oil, created to help soften and condition your cuticles, while also nourishing your nail bed. It's the perfect way to finish off your pamper session. 

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What do I get in my set? 

Each bundle contains:

  • Crystal Nail File 
  • 2-in1 Crystal Cuticle Pusher 
  • Crystal File Polisher 
  • Instant Mani Co. Case  
  • 20ml Cuticle Oil - Lily Scent 

What you need to know: You can wear our Cuticle Oil with your Instant Mani press on nails, or without. If you opt for with, just ensure your nail glue has completely dried. This can take a couple of hours. Also, if your nail bed is covered by a press on nail, the oil won't be able to reach the nail bed to absorb, so will just be nourishing your cuticle and the base of your nail bed. 

Tips: The cuticle oil can be applied daily, with best results before bed allowing the oil to nourish your nails while you sleep.