Brush on Glue - 7G


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press-on-nails glue

What we love: Need a hand applying your Instant Mani? You need our brush-on glue. Its unique formula bonds to your press-on nails in seconds, allowing you to wear your Instant Mani for days, or weeks.

Size: 7g (glue stick included in your Instant Mani are 2g) 

How to apply: 

1.  Apply to clean natural nails. Make sure your nails are dry. If you’re prone to oily nail beds slightly buff and swipe a little acetone. Use the cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles. 

2.  Find your match and lay them out in order, trust us, it’s easier to have the sizing ready to go.   

3. Apply the below amount of glue depending on how long you want to wear your Instant Mani press-on nails.   

  • 1-2 days: Apply a thin strip of glue from your cuticle to tip 
  • 5-7 days: Apply a layer of glue to each nail. Don’t get too close to your skin or it’ll spread when pressure is applied.  
  • 7 + days: Apply a layer of glue to each nail. Don’t get too close to your skin or it’ll spread when pressure is applied. Also add glue to the back of your Instant Mani press-on nail.
4. Let the glue tack for a few seconds then align your Instant Mani press-on nail just under your cuticle. Press down firmly and hold for 30 seconds.
5. Avoid getting your nails wet for at least an hour. 

TIP – We like to start from our pinky fingers and work towards our thumb, we find this order easier. 

The more glue applied, the longer your Instant Mani will last. 

If you do get spillage from excess glue, immediately use a cloth to wipe away. 


Ingredients: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, BHA. 


press-on-nails glue